Maci Bookout, Star Of ‘Teen Mom,’ Quits ‘Naked & Afraid’ After One Day

“Teen Mom” star Maci Bookout recently appeared on the hit reality TV show “Naked & Afraid.” Unfortunately, she had such a bad time on the show, she quit after just one day.

By austind03 on June 25, 2018
Maci Bookout Naked & Afraid, Teen Mom, Nicaragua
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The popular reality TV show Naked & Afraid puts wannabe survivalists out in the wilderness without even the clothes on their back. While many think they are up to the challenge, mother nature often wins. And as it turns out, that’s exactly what happened when Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout tried her luck.

According to Radar Online, Bookout only lasted a single day in Nicaragua while on the show.

After first meeting her partner, a man named Justin, they set off to find fresh water. Unfortunately, things quickly took a turn for the worse due to a large amount of thorns on the ground. Bookout explained while on the show:

“My feet are killing me. F****** thorns, they’re everywhere. I can’t wait to make shoes.”

However, the reality TV star never had a chance to make those shoes in the end as the thorns became too much. She later described the pain, saying:

“I underestimated the pain. My feet feel like they’re dying… My feet are going to fall off… Our feet hurt so bad that you can hear the pain every time we take a step. There are thorns on everything. I’m seriously going to cry. It’s f****** hell.”

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Although at that point she still felt confident she would make it for 14 days, she was completely done by the time she hit day two. She explained:

“I’ve never felt so miserable. Last night was hell. We were on thorns all night. Couldn’t sleep on the bed. Every piece of wood and leaves had thorns on it. Everything hurts physically and mentally. Sitting on your couch watching the show is not the same. It’s really f****** hard.”

While Justin tried convincing her to stay, Maci Bookout made the choice to leave. She revealed her feelings in her exit interview, saying:

“Coming into this I was 100 percent confident in myself. You don’t feel like you’re standing in a f****** fire because your feet hurt so bad. I’m tapping out of this challenge. It’s the best decision for me. I feel like if I stay here any longer, I’m legitimately going to lose my mind. How I was doing mentally was not doing anything good for him, so it’s best for me to get out of his way.”

Funnily enough, before Bookout began her journey on the show, she revealed that she hates when people quit on the first day. She ironically explained:

“They don’t give themselves a chance. The first sign of distress they tap out, they’re done. It’s going to suck for sure, but I’m not going to quit.”

One has to wonder if she would take back those words if she could…

Head right here to see photos from Maci Bookout’s stay on the show. Also, let us know if you’d ever appear on Naked & Afraid in the comments below.

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