Lions Kill Rhino Poachers On Game Reserve!

This story is wild! See what I did there?

By kncipat on July 5, 2018
(Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images)

This story is wild! See what I did there? There is a moral to this story, don’t be a poacher. Got it? Good.

KCRA reports, “A pride of lions killed suspected poachers at a game reserve in South Africa.

A field guide saw what appeared to be human remains around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, and an anti-poaching unit found a gun, gloves, wire cutters and the remnants of a backpack with food, water and other items, according to Nick Fox, the owner of Sibuya Game Reserve.

“There seems to be clothing for three people,” Fox told Agence France-Presse. “I’ve not heard of it before in our area.”

The items found, which included a high-powered rifle with a silencer and an ax, are hallmarks of poachers seeking rhino horns, Fox said.”

I think I’ll just stay away from lions altogether if it’s all the same to you. Yikes.


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