Lindsay Lohan Got Punched In The Face During Live Stream [VIDEO]

By DAVID on October 1, 2018

Lindsay Lohan was live-streaming a family who she believed to be trafficking children. She was following the family while yelling at them about taking two young boys. Eventually she followed them for so long, yelling various phrases at them, one of the women punched her in the face.

Lindsay is in Moscow, and she saw this family who she says are Syrian refugees. She stopped her driver and got out of the car to talk to them. That’s when she started the video, saying that the refugees “really need help.” She walks across the road, walking in front of moving cars in the process to get to the family. She gets to the family and asks them to tell her their story so she can help. The video then cuts to Lindsay accusing the two of trafficking the boys they were with. She then starts berating the family, yelling various phrases in Arabic and English (and some foul language). She then chases the family down the street, where eventually she gets punched in the face.

We truly don’t have any details about the family. We also don’t know why Lindsay was accusing them of trafficking. If she’s right, that’s terrible, and I hate that she got hit trying to help. But if her accusation was based truly on assumption and she started chasing the family based on that.. Well, that’s also terrible, and we hope she gets some help. Lindsay’s family is also concerned for her, many thinking she’s not sober anymore.

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