Limited Edition Dairy Queen Independence Day Themed Blizzard [VIDEO]

There’s a new limited edition (yes really) Blizzard at Dairy Queen that’s Independence Day themed, and comes with red and blue pop candy.

By on July 3, 2018
(Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Today is July 3rd, which means tomorrow is Independence Day. Red, White, and Blue everything, things that go boom, and celebrating our country’s independence and freedom. Thank you veterans and active-duty as well, of course. Something else to enjoy in this new Patriotic DQ Blizzard.

The new Blizzard is called the “Star Spangled Blizzard.” It, of course, is red, white, and blue, and comes loaded with ice cream and sprinkles. It comes with a “firecracker” popsicle too, in addition to all the red and blue candy blended inside. Here’s a picture of the loaded treat:

It comes in the mini-size only, according to this website. But that’s fine, we’ll just order two of them. Well, maybe we won’t, since they’re available only “while supplies last.” A truly limited edition. If you miss out though, DQ is offering another unique Blizzard for the month of July. The “Oreo Firecracker” Blizzard. That’s got Oreo crumbles in it, along with red and blue pop candy. I think I know what I’m doing later today.

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