Let your cardboard cutout cheer on the Giants at Oracle

By Freska on June 28, 2020
(Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the San Francisco Giants is not allowing their fans to physically be at games.  However, there IS a way you can still be there to cheer them on, kinda.  Season ticket holders have been made aware that they can submit an image of themselves to be put in the stands as a place holder if you will for the 60 game 2020 season.  The cardboard cutouts will be made of waterproof material to protect it if it rains.  You may be wondering about non-ticket holders.  Will they have the opportunity to participate in this?  The answer is yes!  They will have to pay a $99 fee though.  Hopefully it will be a success.  The reason I say that is for other professional sports doing this around the world it has been a daunting task to makes sure the images being used for cutouts are of the actual person submitting it.  For example a cutout of Osama Bin Laden made into the stands of a Leeds United game in England.  The team that has to screen these images must be very diligent.  A South Korean soccer team had mannequins instead of cardboard cutouts but was later fined because some of the mannequins were identified as being, well, you can check out that story here. 

In any case, this sounds like a fun idea for fans to still be able to “attend” a Giants game.  It’s called the Giants Fan Cutout Program.  The Giants will be announcing  instructions on how to submit your photo coming soon.