Labor Day Deals: What To Buy And What To Avoid

Not all sales are good sales, friends.

By Pacey on August 31, 2018
(Photo by Alex Edelman/Getty Images)

EVERYONE is advertising Labor Day sales. In all the chaos it might be hard to tell what’s a good deal, and what’s not.

House Beautiful say there are 7 things worth battling the crowds for, but two things where you should definitely steer clear.


  1. BUY: Apparel

This is the time you’ll find the best discounts on summery clothes, back-to-school essentials and anything that’s been in stores for two months or longer.

  1. BUY: Appliances

Look to stores like Home Depot and Best Buy for amazing deals on appliances.

  1. BUY: Grills

Grills are the first to go when stores need to make room for new products.

  1. BUY: Outdoor Furniture

Stores need to get that big bulky outdoor patio furniture off of their showroom floors, which means great deals for you.

  1. BUY: Mattresses

Older model mattress models are marked down between May and September to make room for the new ones.

  1. BUY: Travel

Hot Tip: airfare sales happen midweek, so fire up those search engines between Tuesday through Thursday

  1. BUY: Food

Have you noticed all the deals lately? From free Chick-fil-A nuggets to Dairy Queen Blizzards – even restaurants want to get in on the Labor Day hype!

  1. DON’T BUY: Diamond Jewelry

“Due to a large restock in October leading up to the holidays, jewelers are hesitant to give any discounts on their prized possessions with such a low inventory,” RetailMeNot’s Shopping & Trends Expert, Sara Skirboll explains. That means it’s worth waiting until later if you’re considering popping the question. Or treating yourself, big time.

  1. DON’T BUY: Electronics

Wait. You’ll find the best deals on electronics on Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

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