Kohl’s Stores Reportedly Will Begin Accepting Amazon Returns

Kohl’s and Amazon have announced a new partnership, which will allow customers to return Amazon purchases to Kohl’s stores.

By NathanG on July 8, 2019
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

New reports have revealed that Kohl’s stores across the country will be allowing customers to return Amazon purchases.

According to CBS Sacramento, Kohl’s stores will begin this new policy on Monday, July 8. Over 1,500 Kohl’s stores across the United States will be allowing this option. With this new policy change, customers will be able to return eligible Amazon items to their local Kohl’s, without a box or label for free. Sacramento area locals will be able to visit all 17 Kohl’s stores in the greater Sacramento area to make their returns.

According to Amazon’s instructions, the process begins by starting a new return online. Customers then must select the store they wish to visit and make their return, then Amazon will email them a QR code. A Kohl’s employee will then scan the code, and then Kohl’s will pack it and ship it back for you. Reportedly, Kohl’s and Amazon have been testing this partnership at several stores in the Los Angeles and Chicago areas, before the nationwide rollout.

What are your thoughts on this new option for Amazon returns?

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