We Just Discovered There’s A ‘Toy Story’ Themed Airplane

There’s a new “Toy Story” themed airplane out there just flying around without me on it, and I want to go for a ride.

By on May 15, 2018
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

Yes! There’s a “Toy Story” themed airplane flying around out there, and I want to fly on it. It just launched a few weeks ago with its first flight being on April 28th. It’s all decorated with the characters, and comes with a special boarding pass too.

The outside of the plane is painted blue, with Buzz Lightyear prominently displayed in his classic “flying” pose. Walking inside, you’re greeted with more themed-decor. Most notable are the decorations on the ceiling and luggage compartments. They’re styled to look like Andy’s room, with the clouds and blue sky above. Scattered all throughout the ceiling are pictures of all the characters from the series. The sky and clouds continue down onto the luggage compartment doors. The seats have embroidered designs and also have a “throw” that displays a character from the film as well.

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There is a downside to all this Pixar/Toy Story goodness though. It’s a China Eastern Airlines flight. No, we’re not saying China is the downside. The downside is that the flight is only domestic to China, so if you want to fly on the plane, you’ll have to fly to China first. Then once you’re there, you have to book another flight to get on the “Toy Story” plane. So it’s a hassle, but if you’re a die-hard fan, might be worth the experience. Check out some more info about the themed-flight and decor here.

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