Julia Roberts Gets Candid About Being Attacked On Looks

Though Julia Roberts feels confident in herself at 50, she revealed that she recently had a low moment when commenters left rude remarks about her appearance on Emma Roberts’ Instagram.

By WKBW on October 11, 2018
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At 50, Julia Roberts is a confident woman. Despite that, she’ll be the first to admit that she isn’t impervious to jabs made at her through social media.

Roberts recently had a jarring experience with the dark side of Instagram. Though she herself recently joined in June this year, she made a point to block comments. However, when her niece, Emma Roberts, posted a photo of the two of them bare-faced on social media, the Pretty Woman actress saw how ugly commenters can get.

“[Roberts was off put by] the number of people who felt absolutely required to talk about how terrible I looked in the picture. That I’m not aging well, that I look like a man. ‘Why would she even post a picture like this when I look that terrible!?'” Roberts said in an interview by Oprah Winfrey for Harper’s Bazaar.

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“And I was amazed at how that made me feel,” she continued. “I’m a 50-year-old woman and I know who I am, and still my feelings got hurt. I was sad that people couldn’t see the point of it, the sweetness of it, the absolute shining joy of that photo. I thought, ‘What if I was 15?'”

With three young children of her own, 13-year-old twins and an 11-year-old, Roberts said the experience opened her eyes to what her kids have to go through.

“I was so happy that happened because I had this whole new glimpse into a way of living that I didn’t get at all,” she added. “You have to go through things to understand them, and this was just a little paper cut of what can really go on with social media.”

See the post that sparked the comments below. For the record, she looks absolutely stunning.

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