Judge Hands Down Awesome Sentence To Angry Ex-Boyfriend


By Doug Lazy on November 1, 2017
(Photo by Ted West/Central Press/Getty Images)

Apparently the justice system is now handing out punishments that are inspired by teachers making students write on the blackboard. 30 year old Daren and his girlfriend broke up earlier this year. And, apparently it was a bad break up because she ended up getting a protection order against him in February. Well, one night in May, he violated that order by texting her 144 times!!! And, not nice messages either. Apparently they were pretty nasty.


Well, he was in court, in Maui Friday when the judge handed down an unexpectedly awesome punishment for him. She sentenced him to have to write 144 NICE things to his ex-girlfriend, one for every nasty thing he said. Oh, and he also has to pay a few fines and do some community service. Proving yet again, if you don’t have something nice to say… don’t say it or text it!


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