Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Foundation Launches Food Bank to Help Feed Hungry People

By Admin on May 18, 2020
(Photo by Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images)

Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, the charity co-founded by the Bon Jovi frontman that works toward ending poverty, hunger and homelessness in the U.S., has launched a new food bank to serve in-need communities in the East End region of New York’s Long Island.

The JBJ Soul Kitchen Food Bank, which started distributing food today, is the result of a partnership between Jon Bon Jovi‘s charity, food distributor US Foods and Island Harvest Food Bank, a leading hunger-relief organization on Long Island.

“The pandemic has strained food distribution networks around the country,” says the singer, “and after hearing from organizations on the ground about its local impact, the need for a food bank on the East End became clear to us.”

Bon Jovi’s wife, Dorothea, adds, “When most people think about the towns of the East End, they don’t necessarily think about hunger, but for many, it is a reality.”

Utilizing existing local food pantries, the JBJ Soul Kitchen Food Bank stores and distributes food and grocery products it has purchased or that have been donated. It aims to provide food for 5,000 people monthly, and plans to reassess the need when the summer ends. Plans are in the works to make pre-made meals available to people who are homeless or don’t have access to cooking facilities or equipment.

It will also be adding pre-made Soul Kitchen meals for those struggling with homelessness or who might not have access to cooking facilities. 

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