John Mayer Shares Why He Decided To Finally Get Sober

John Mayer shared some of his past partying antics, that ultimately led to him deciding to stop drinking and become sober.

By NathanG on November 12, 2018
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for LiveNation)

John Mayer recently celebrated two years of remaining sober, and revealed the events that led to this life change.

According to Nylon, Mayer decided to give up on his heavy drinking habits after a particularly wild night at Drake’s 30th birthday. During the party, Mayer cryptically shared that he “made quite a fool of himself”, but failed to go into detail.

Mayer reportedly carried a hangover from the ordeal for six whole days. He then had a serious talk with himself, where he said:

“OK, John, what percentage of your potential would you like to have? Because if you say you’d like 60, and you’d like to spend the other 40 having fun, that’s fine. But what percentage of what is available to you would you like to make happen? There’s no wrong answer. What is it?” He decided, “100.”

Mayer also shared how this lifestyle change has impacted the way he views social media and the way if influences the pressure of drinking. 

He went on to describe life after choosing sobriety. “The level feels like boredom at first. But if you stick with it, the line straightens out and it goes kind of low. You’re like, ‘Oh, I’m not having these high highs.’ But if you work, you can bring the whole line up.”

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