'Jerry Springer Show' Ends – 'Judge Jerry' Coming Soon!

By Admin on October 24, 2018

You cant make some of this stuff up! Jerry Springer is staying on television after his ‘Jerry Springer Show’ ends.

According to TheWrap:

An individual with knowledge of the project tells TheWrap the series is still in development, though NBCUniversal is eyeing a Fall 2019 premiere, which would line up with the airing of the final season of Springer’s daytime program. Because the program is still in the works, there is no final word on where the syndication rights for the series will land.

The series would feature former attorney Springer wearing a judge’s robe and seated behind a desk. So, you know, like every other courtroom show out there, but with the man who has has run the most over-the-top daytime program in the history of television making calls about small-claims cases.

Jerry has never been a real judge . . . not that he’d have to be to play one on TV . . . but before he was a talk show host, he was a lawyer and campaign advisor for Robert Kennedy.  He was also once the mayor of Cincinnati.

If the show gets off the ground, it’ll premiere next fall. Will you watch?

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