If You’ve Ever Wanted To ‘Erase’ Someone From A Photo, This Service Is For You

We live in the “picture” age, since we’ve got cameras in our pockets, we have pictures of us with all sorts of people, but if you’ve ever wanted to “erase” someone, here you go.

By DAVID on November 14, 2018
(Photo by Drew Hallowell/Getty Images)

Have you ever gotten that PERFECT family picture at someone’s wedding… only to later break up with the person you brought…and now you’d like to forget they were THERE?

This company, Krome Photo Services, claims they can remove people from a photo…COMPLETELY. (Not just crop them out, but REALLY remove them.) It costs between $3-12 per photo, but to have the memory of NOT remembering that awful ex, it might be worth it! Check it out.

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