How Will ‘The Crown’ Handle Queen Elizabeth’s Death?

By djsheryl on September 8, 2022
NEW ZEALAND – FEBRUARY 24: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II smiles at waiting fans after attending a church service at St Andrews Anglican Church in Taupo with the Duke of Edinburgh. The Queen is in New Zealand on a five day official visit, her 10th to the country. (Photo by Ross Land/Getty Images)

After the passing of Queen Elizabeth II today, The Netflix show, “The Crown”, which follows her life, has halted production on season 6 “out of respect”. While we don’t know how long the pause will last, season 5 is due to hit Netflix in November, with season 6 expected sometime in 2023.

The term Operation London Bridge refers to the plan British officials follow in case of Queen Elizabeth’s death. It is a master plan that covers any protocols that need to be implemented. This includes the order of who is notified, when the announcement gets made, funeral arrangements, and the timeline for when King Charles III gets crowned as the new king of England. According to the New York Post, a Netflix insider said, “We have our own version of Operation London Bridge. This is particularly pertinent for if we are filming. Filming will shut down immediately if we are in production for at least a week. There would also be lots of discussion about when to restart.”

It’s not likely that the show will cover Queen Elizabeth’s death, as the show producer has said that he doesn’t want the timeline to get too close to modern times. Currently, the plan is for the show to end in 2005, the year Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles.

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