How To See The Status Of Your Home In A Fire Area

There is a way to see if your home is okay or not inside the fire area

By Marilyn Nelson on September 1, 2021
(Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

If you or someone you know has been evacuated, the feeling of not knowing whether or not your home is still standing is the worst.

There is a way to check on the status of your home in the fire area, according to KCRA3. Cal Fire and local sheriff’s departments are working together to share updates inside the evacuation zones.

How to check on your home:

  • Google the name of the wildfire + “structure fire map” (i.e. Caldor structure fire map)
  • click “Cal Fire Forestry maps
  • type an address into the search bar to see if there is damage information

In some cases there may be a photo available. If there is no identifying icon, that means the teams on the ground haven’t been able to verify the status yet, However, information is updated every morning at 9am.

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