How To Minimize The Impact Of Daylight Saving Time On Your Sleep

Wasn’t this supposed to not be a thing anymore?

By Admin on March 6, 2020
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Wasn’t this supposed to not be a thing anymore? Daylight saving time is coming, this weekend in fact. Yup! Sunday is the day we spring forward! Which is really a nice way to say “good luck with that sleep schedule!”

KCRA writes, “Doctors report a 24% spike in heart-attacks around the country each time the clock springs forward, and a 21% decrease when the clocks fall back in the autumn. The incidence of workplace injuries also rises on the Monday after the clocks change, as employees get an average of 40 fewer minutes of shut-eye the night before.”

That is really gnarly! But, thankfully. There are ways to lessen DST’s impact on your sleep schedule!

  1. Lay Off On Liquor – Dont @ Me.
  2. Banish Bright Lights – I have little Hue bulbs everywhere…chill vibes after dark!
  3. Skip that afternoon coffee! – But…happy hour…
  4. NO SNOOZING! – I struggle with this one.
  5. Don’t nap too much! – Okay…I am out on this one.

There are 5 more, you can find those at

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