Now there is FREE College Tuition in California! | Amanda & Darik

By Admin on July 2, 2019
Full length of multiethnic university students walking on campus road

Being told your children can get a free college tuition feels like winning the lottery!

California’s new budget makes you feel like you picked the winning number in the Powerball. It includes two years of free tuition at community colleges across the state.

Who is eligible?

Graduating seniors from California high schools are eligible for two years of free tuition. To qualify, they must be first-time, full-time students and taking at least 12 units per semester.

What is Included?

It’s just tuition.  Housing and textbooks are on you. However, the budget also provides $41.8 million to increase the number of competitive Cal Grant scholarships. Cal Grant awards are financial aid to cover non-tuition costs. There will be 15,000 new Cal Grant scholarships.

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