How To Beat The Sacramento Heatwave!

“It’s Like a Heatwave!”

By bonneville on August 17, 2020
(Photo by Chris Hondros/Getty Images)

This week will be historic for Sac weather with the heatwave, applying pressure to our energy and we want to make sure you guys are staying safe and cool! Here are a few tips during the heatwave to help prevent energy shortages: 

  1. Adjust your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher during 3pm-10pm.
  2. Postpone using major appliances like the oven, dishwasher, clothes washer, until cooler times in the day.
  3. Close Windows and Doors in the morning before the day starts to heat up, close windows and blinds to keep warm air out.
  4. Smart Energy Use – Unplug phone charges, power strips (those without a switch) and other equipment when not in use, Use lamps with LEDs instead of overhead, and Turn off unnecessary energy. 
  5. Consider participating in your utility’s demand response program. 
  6. Dress in light clothing. 
  7. Eat small meals and eat more often.
  8. Hot cars KILL! 
  9. Help and check on others that may not be able to take care of themselves. 

Save Energy at Work: 

  1. Turn off unnecessary lights in the office and try to use natural lighting. 
  2. In the summer, set the thermostat to 78 degrees or higher, when possible. 
  3. Keep exterior windows and doors closed to prevent the loss of cooled or heated. 
  4. Turn off any office equipment that is not currently in use. Alternately, look for sleep or power-saving modes in-between uses during the day. 
  5. Unplug electronics such as coffee-makers and microwaves when not in use and when the day is over. 
  6. As you leave the office, get in the habit of checking to make sure computers, printers/copiers, and other office equipment is fully shut down. If possible, switch them off at the power strip to ensure they are no longer draining. 

And don’t forget to stay HYDRATED, We are in this together! 

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