Hospital Accidentally Releases Deadly Disease

While transporting a deadly disease through a hospital, somehow it fell to the ground, and the container opened when it got there.

By on July 6, 2018
(Photo by Express/Express/Getty Images)

A hospital is supposed to be a safe space. Somewhere you go when you’re sick or injured to get better. They employ hundreds of doctors and nurses that are trained to keep you well. There are protocols, safety measures, and high-tech cleaning and sterilization machines that keep the place spotless and neat.

Then there’s this hospital that accidentally released tuberculosis. You know – one of the most deadly diseases in the world. It happened yesterday at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland. They were transporting the disease, and at some point during the process, they accidentally released the disease from the vial it was being carried in. What happened exactly was as they were carrying the disease through the hospital, it fell and the top of the container came off. They were walking through one of those sky bridges that connect buildings together over roadways.

The bridge was between cancer buildings, and was an employee-only space. After the vial containing the frozen sample fell, an employee pulled a fire alarm. The building was evacuated, and a HAZMAT crew was called in. Thankfully though, the disease did not spread through any of the buildings, and it was handled and cleaned up. Nobody was at risk, but the whole things just seems like a slap on the forehead. See some more on the incident and disease here.

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