Have You Had A Long CVS Receipt? Try This 6-Footer Out For Size

A woman shared a picture of her nearly 6-foot long CVS Pharmacy receipt, after she bought just 3 things from the store.

By DAVID on November 5, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Ok so truth be told, it was actually 5′ 8″, but still, that’s taller than a lot of people. Emma Keane from Washing D.C. went shopping at CVS Pharmacy, like many of us do. She purchased just 3 items, but her receipt told another story. Well, it showed the three items, but came in at nearly 6-feet long.

Emma is 5′ 8″ tall herself, and she posted the picture of herself standing next to the receipt, which she’s holding above her head. On the receipt of course are all the coupons and discounts you can use in the future. Her post naturally stirred up responses about the length of receipts. Many people think that CVS should stop printing such large receipts, since it’s wasteful. Some people also say that “98% [of the receipt] probably end[s] up in the garbage.” Remember, the type of paper used in receipts isn’t recyclable, according to this site. Well, it is, but the recommend against it.

What’s the longest receipt you’ve ever received from CVS? Are you able to use the coupons before they expire, or like one person says, does it all just end up in the trash? Check out some more info on the story over here.

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