Guy Chugs Bottle Of Ketchup For Guinness World Record [VIDEO]

You know you want to watch this.

By Marilyn Nelson on February 23, 2018
(Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images)

A man – whose nickname is Maximouth – holds several other Guinness World Records, just sucked down a bottle of ketchup in 25 seconds to add another title to his name.

His previous records also include holding 22 lit candles in his mouth, most grapes eaten in a minute (73), and most oranges peeled and eaten in three minutes, according to Indian Express.

“I’m doing this record to prove myself as best in this amazing world in this particular record field,” Dinesh Shivnath Upadhyaya of Mumbai told the Guinness Book of World Records.

Check out the official video which shows him coughing uncontrollably when he’s done sucking the entire contents of the bottle through a straw in  25.37 seconds.

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