Golden One Center Adding Checkout-Free Store

Sacramento’s Golden 1 Center plans to have a cashier-less convenience store open in time for the Sacramento King’s home-opener.

By Marilyn Nelson on September 24, 2019
(Photo by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Soon you’ll be able to grab a bottle of water, snacks, or even a beer and walk out without paying at the Golden 1 Center’s first check-out free store. It may feel like shoplifting, but fans with the Kings app or the Zippin app won’t have to stand in line to pay for any of it.  The idea is to be able to get in and out in under 30 seconds.

“Zippin’s artificial intelligence technology and cameras will identify what people took from the shelves, and charge them when they leave, either through the app or directly from their card if they opted to have it scanned. Users can also use the Kings/Golden 1 Center app’s “dual mode” for such purchases, ” according to the Sacramento Business Journal.

The arena will be testing the store over the next couple of weeks near their southwest entrance, before becoming fully operational for the start of the Kings’ regular season on Oct. 23.

Check out the video below on how the Zippin app works:

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