Goat House Brewing Co. In Lincoln Wins National Honor

By Felicia Czochanski on April 11, 2018
(Photo illustration by Chris Furlong/Getty Images)

Got to give a shout out to Goat House this morning! One of our favorite places to spend a warm, Northern California afternoon! Goat House Brewing Co., has only been open since 2013, but is already being recognized nationally, and that’s mostly why. Goat House was named the second-fastest-growing small and independent craft brewing company in the country for 2017 by the Brewers Association (BA) for Small and Independent Craft Brewers.

Catherine and Michael Johnson own and run the place and told the Sacramento Bee, “We got the call and we just started laughing.” She says when they first opened people thought they were crazy opening up shop on nearly 11 acres in the middle of nowhere! But, they’ve quickly become a hit with locals who can barely find a place to sit on any given weekend. Goat House is considered a nanobrewery, putting out around 400 barrels a year, whereas microbreweries usually do two to three times that amount.

Johnson says Goat House is looking to expand it brewing capacity as well as space to meet demand.

Along with Goat House, Device Brewing Co. of Sacramento ranked 37th on the Brewers Association’s list of fastest-growing.

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