This Has To Go Down As One Of The Worst Divorces Ever

A guy had to hand the keys to a $20 million home to his ex-wife, but not before he apparently left a bunch of gross pranks behind.

By DAVID on June 19, 2018
(Photo by Philipp Guelland/Getty Images for The Herald Sun)

There’s no question as to why this couple was getting divorced. A man lost his home, a $20 million home, mind you, to his ex wife. Before he finally gave over the keys, he had some fun with various gross pranks first.

Bill Gross is a billionaire investor who lives here in California. He and his ex-wife Sue just finalized their divorce. It was quite the battle, clearly, and she won ownership of their $20 million home. There have been a lot of complaints after the divorce though, and that home is far from luxurious. Sue claims that Bill has not only been stalking her and her sisters, but that he’s pretty much destroyed the property. She says that he has security “camp out” on the property to watch and record her. Sue also says that Bill left some really nasty things behind to get back at her. Things he left behind could be taken as pranks, really.

Sue says he did things like put dead fish in the air vents. If that’s not gross enough, having to deal with that rotting fish smell, there’s more. Sue says that she found cans of “vomit” and “fart” scented spray in the trash cans around the house. There were also “balls of human hair” found in drawers and other places around the home. Weird. More still, the carpets are reported to be stained, and the home has suffered water damage as well. Sue says that various remote controls for the TVs and other things are gone. Speaking of gone, a “one-of-a-kind art installation” is also missing.

Sue says “This is incredibly stressful and upsetting, and it has caused me intense anxiety. I have even developed a persistent rash.” Sue says about her ex, Bill, that he’s a “cruel, vengeful and vindictive man with practically limitless financial resources,” and she wants a restraining order against him. Check out much more on the story here.

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