Get Paid to Eat Cheese!

By djsheryl on January 20, 2023
(Photo by Edoardo Fornaciari/Getty Images)

If you love cheese, this is literally your dream job! There’s a company that wants to pay 5 people $1000 each to eat cheese every night before bed, to see how it affects their dreams. The company, Sleep Junkie, says you must be at least 21 years old to participate, own a smartwatch or fitness tracker that tracks sleep, have a consistent sleep schedule, and be free of sleep issues and dairy intolerances. You’ll also have to sleep alone. You’ll also have to keep a sleep diary.

They want to see if the old wives’ tale is true…that eating cheese before bed will give you nightmares. Experts disagree about the effect of dairy on the sleep cycle, so this study should help settle that debate. Interested? Apply here!

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