Forbes Ranks Sacramento Best Place To Live In California

You might be surprised to see Sacramento at the top of the list

By Marilyn Nelson on January 11, 2023
(Photo by Carol M. Highsmith/Buyenlarge/Getty Images)

California is known for so many things; breathtaking national parks, sprawling wine country, (usually) gorgeous weather, bountiful agriculture, innovative technology and of course Hollywood. Visiting California is on the bucket list of travelers from all over the world. But when it comes to actually living here there’s a lot more to consider.

You may be surprised to see Forbes put Sacramento at the top of its list of Best Places To Live in California.

  1. Sacramento – Location, location, location. Along with its relative affordability (by California standards), according to Forbes “Sacramento is also an excellent gateway to the splendors of temperate northern California, while also being two hours from San Francisco. For local leisure activities, there are several professional sports teams, a 32-mile bike trail, breweries and coffee shops”. Sacramento also ranked high for being family-friendly, providing several education opportunities and lower unemployment rate.
  2. San Diego – The southern coastal city is famous for its practically perfect weather and fabulous beaches. Its blend of urban, suburban, and coastal living makes it idyllic. The biggest downfall is the high cost of living.
  3. San Francisco – Other than being one of the most expensive places to live in the world it gets high marks for being the economic hub of northern California. Its coastal beauty and diverse culture in terms of arts, museums, world class food, architecture and endless activities pretty much make San Francisco one of the most desired places to live.
  4. Los Angeles – The land of dreams….Hollywood, Disneyland and professional sports
  5. San Jose – ranks in the top five for being the epicenter of Silicon Valley and its “low crime rate, plenty of outdoor activities”
  6. Vallejo – proximity to the Bay area and Napa wine country
  7. Oxnard – relaxing, peaceful coastal living an hour outside of Los Angeles
  8. Modesto – small, more affordable city with a lower crime rate
  9. Fresno – known for its agricultural bounty, the city is also in the process of revitalizing its downtown area
  10. Bakersfield – considered one of California’s most affordable cities that’s also close to Los Angeles

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