Food Network's 'Pioneer Woman' Getting Her Own Barbie Doll

By Marilyn Nelson on October 23, 2018

When Ree Drummond first saw the doll Barbie had created to depict the Pioneer Woman, she sent it back.

The doll was wearing jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt. Anyone who watches Pioneer Woman on the Food Network knows Ree ALWAYS wears flowing tops while cooking up food for hungry cowboys on the ranch. The red-headed Barbie got a makeover and now wear boots and a loose-fitting floral top.

Sold exclusively at Walmart the Barbie playset includes the doll and dozens of accessories, including a toaster that pops up “toast” and a spinning mixer.

Two other accessory sets that are sold separately include a pasta and barbecue set.

The doll itself doesn’t look a whole lot like The Pioneer Woman. Even Ree acknowledges this. But her favorite item in the playset is a simple, black, cast-iron skillet.

“The cast-iron skillet makes me smile, because you have this bright, colorful kitchen and a black skillet,” she told Delish. “Everything may change, but a cast-iron skillet will never change.”

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