Florida Man Shoots Into Woman’s Home After Bad Restaurant Review

A Florida man named Norman Auvil is facing serious jail time after he shot up the house of a woman who left a negative restaurant review…

By austind03 on September 6, 2018
Florida Man, Monica Walley, Lizabeth Johnson, Norman Auvil
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A Florida man named Norman Auvil is facing serious jail time after overreacting to a bad restaurant review…

According to FOX News, a woman named Monica Walley visited a local restaurant and had a bad experience. In her review, she explained that the restaurant refused to serve her disabled mother. They even told her mom she could order, but she had to wait in her car for the food. Walley described the sad situation in the review, saying:

“It was my mother’s birthday, and all she wanted was her favorite Greek omelet. She arrived back home in tears.”

The bad review prompted a slew of negative online comments, much to the chagrin of the owners. A police report described the reaction from the owner, Lizabeth Johnson, saying:

“The social media campaign resulted in negative online reviews, negative social media posts and harassing and angry phone calls to the restaurant. The restaurant’s owner, Lizabeth Johnson, later stated she felt that day that her business was ruined as a result of the negative social media campaign.”

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And while the owner took it hard, her son, Michael Johnson, might have taken it the hardest. He began drinking with Auvil and complaining about the bad press, and they eventually came to solution: they were going to shoot up Walley’s house.

Johnson and Auvil allegedly found Walley’s address through her review. They then drove to her place, and Auvil fired three shots through the front window. Although no one was hit, a bullet nearly hit Walley’s father, Ken. He told FOX 35 Orlando:

“I actually could feel the air from the bullet as it passed by me.”

Florida police later arrested Norman Auvil, and he’s now facing charges of “shooting into a dwelling and abuse of a disabled adult,” according to FOX News.

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