Firehouse Restaurant Shuts Down After Failing Health Inspection

Over a dozen live cockroaches were discovered scurrying around the restaurant

By Marilyn Nelson on October 8, 2019
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It’s been a trying week for the Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento. 

Last Wednesday (10/2) health inspectors discovered over a dozen live cockroaches throughout the restaurant, according to the Sacramento Bee. The high-end restaurant closed for one day, only to reopen and get shut down again after failing a followup inspection on Monday (10/7).

The report filed by the county Environmental Management Department last Monday says, “15 live German cockroaches and 3 ootheca (egg sac)” were discovered throughout the facility. 

The popular restaurant was given the okay to reopened on Thursday, however the “salad/dessert prep area” was not to be used until it passed another reinspection scheduled for yesterday. Unfortunately, it failed that inspection as well due to “vermin and animal contamination” and was closed for the day. 

In a statement released to The Bee from The Firehouse, the restaurant said they would “reopen as soon as possible”

“Sacramento County officials recently inspected the restaurant and identified areas where we needed to improve our maintenance and storage process,” the statement said, in part. “To make necessary improvements, we closed the restaurant temporarily. At no time was there any question about the procedures used to prepare meals and serve customers.”

UPDATE: The Firehouse Restaurant reopened Tuesday (10/8) after being shut down twice in one week for roaches.

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