Finally, Some GOOD News About Packages On Your Porch

There’s always a fear about having packages shipped to our homes, especially around the holidays, but there’s some good news about porch pirates here in Sacramento.

By DAVID on November 29, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A new study is out on the increase of “Porch Pirates,” the thieves who troll your neighborhood and steal Amazon (and other packages) off your porch, and it’s actually GOOD NEWS for those of us here in Sacramento. According to the statistics, we’re the 5th LEAST LIKELY metro area to have something stolen off our porch. (Minneapolis is #4, Portland is #3, St. Louis is #2 and New York City is actually the LEAST likely place.)

The most likely place to have something swiped? That’s Austin, Texas – so text your friends and family before you ship anything to them there!

If you’d like to see where other cities end up on the list, take a look at the full report here… and ship away!