The FDA Is Really Cracking Down On Those Vape Pens

The FDA is getting extremely tired of seeing kids with e-cigarettes and vape pens, so they’re considering some heavy regulation, including banning flavors.

By DAVID on September 13, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The FDA is going after one type in particular – the Juul, though they’re saying this about all types of e-cigarettes. Basically, they’re giving an ultimatum of 60 days to manufacturers and sellers of vape pens and e-cigarettes. They have to prove that they’re keeping minors from buying the products, or else.

The Food and Drug Administration is saying that the electronic devices are a problem of “epidemic proportion.” Kids are getting ahold of these things, not to mention all the various flavors companies are selling. You name it, it’s probably a flavor. Fruit, mint, coffee, lemon, pretty much anything you can think of. They’re cracking down because these devices are becoming so popular in schools. They say that over 2 million students were vaping last year alone.

While e-cigarettes are “technically safer” than regular ones, there are still lots of chemicals in them. Moreso, there’s usually even a higher nicotine content in vape liquid. And the FDA also says that nicotine alone is dangerous for kids, because they’re more susceptible to becoming addicted due to the way their brains are still developing.

The FDA is giving manufacturers and retailers 60 days to prove a couple things. They have to prove that they’re keeping minors from buying the products. They also have to show that they’re not offering the products in “bulk” online. There will be fines to those who don’t comply or who can’t demonstrate that they’re keeping the products out of teens’ hands. Some ideas being tossed around include regulating the sale in general, all the way down to banning the flavors that appeal to kids. There’s a lot more information here about what’s happening.

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