Farrah Abraham’s Dog Dies One Day After She Pulled Cruel Dead Dog Prank

Just one day after Farrah Abraham told her 9-year-old daughter to prank her friends by telling them their dog died, the reality star’s own dog passed away.

By austind03 on July 19, 2018
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The universe works in mysterious ways, and former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham just learned that the hard way.

According to In Touch Weekly, the 27-year-old’s Pomeranian sadly passed away yesterday night. She took to Instagram to share her bad news with a video post that shows her deceased pooch.

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7/18/2018 I had to share this as this doesn’t even seem real tonight we lost a best friend,a little brother to my daughter & most adorable Pomeranian BLUE, I remember like yesterday bringing him home to Sophia from Florida and having Blue in our lives for 5 years now brought such a sense of love, support, relief, joy, fun & so much more I’ll be grateful for the rest of my life. As a single mom this little guy has been my right hand man through everything and you all have shown so much love to BLUE over the years that’s it’s surreal we are even having to say he passed away tonight at around 8:35pm after being put down around his dog door to go out to potty on his balcony and literally no noise! no signs! and Sophia sees him just stop moving and she try’s to figure out what is going on & yells for me I’m in disbelief and she hands me my half limp Blue -thinking low sugar, we grab syrup and water, his eyes looking at me as if he’s talking but his tongue can’t move and his body can’t but I see in his eyes he loves seeing his water and food and light of all the food and I feel his heart beating and we’re giving him love but as his body goes limper we call the Emergencey vet and rush to the Emergencey hospital and no heart beat found was found- were incredibly blessed to of had one of the cutest most best friends in the world with Blue he’s is a little star 🌟 and forever will be in our hearts. I always said if he ever passed I would stuff him and put him on my shelf so I hope for our memory of our best friend BLUE to be brought back home soon again thanks to pet taxidermy, We love and cherish BLUE and learn so much from our dog passing away , with out a sound BLUE forever loved. I’m very proud of Sophia saying her good byes and loving her best friend and little brother so much – from tag, to sleeping together the memories melt my heart . Loosing your family’s best friend is awful and Sophia & I have had many firsts but I never thought a first like this would ever happen.♥️ #RIPBLUE

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While the news hit her and her daughter, Sophia Abraham, very hard, many fans found the timing to be quite bizarre. That’s because only one day before the dog’s death, Abraham controversially played a prank on child involving a dead dog.

In a Snapchat video, the reality star tells her 9-year-old daughter to cruelly prank her friends. She said:

“First we’re going to ding dong ditch. Then we’re going to come back and we’re going to be like, ‘Oh my god your dog died!’ It’s crazy, right?”

Fans swiftly slammed her for the prank, and Radar Online revealed that one person even responded by saying:

“My daughter would legit have a full on breakdown if a kid told her that. If I found out one of the other parents had come up with this ‘dare’ I would completely lose my s***, for real.”

While Abraham tried to explain the gag was part of her daughter’s upcoming web series, most didn’t buy it. Unsurprisingly, many fans also find the death of Abraham’s dog to be karma for the incident. One fan wrote:

“It’s called KARMA!! Sorry for your loss, but don’t you think you kind of deserve it? And why in the heck would you go posting it on IG? You seriously need help, and your child needs a better parent.”

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Although Blue’s spirit may be in doggy heaven, his body will still be here on Earth. That’s because the reality star is planning on having him stuffed through pet taxidermy. She also plans on putting him on a shelf in their home once the work is done.

While we do wish Farrah Abraham and her daughter the best, we can’t help but find the timing very freaky.

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