Rude Fans Of ‘American Horror Story’ Prompt Housing Lawsuit

Fans of the “American Horror Story” have been trying to break into the shows infamous “Murder House,” and the real-life owners are not happy…

By austind03 on February 13, 2018
American Horror Story
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

If you ever saw the first season of American Horror Story, you probably remember the creepy mansion the characters lived in.

Since airing, the house has become a tourist attraction for fans of the series. While that might not sound bad in itself, it’s an actual nightmare for the people living there…

TMZ is reporting that Ernst Von Schwarz and Angela Oakenfold, the current owners of the “Murder House,” are suing the previous owner, Greta Von Steinbauer.

The couple is claiming that Von Steinbauer never disclosed that the home was the set of a popular TV show. They are now constantly dealing with trespassing fans, and some have even tried to break into their home.

However, their case has a small kink in it: Greta Von Steinbauer died in 2017. While the couple are still suing her estate for $3 million, it’s unknown how her death could affect the case.

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