Families Text Each Other 10,000 Times Each Year!

By darik on September 17, 2019
(Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

While many parents may question when it’s the right time to get their child their own cellphone, once they have, parents certainly seem to be using that phone to stay in touch, and keep track of their kids.

According to a new survey, families exchange 10,384 text messages each year, with parents texting children “Where are you?” about 989 times, “When will you be home” about 1,018 times and “I love you,” about 1,186 times each year.

Overall, the survey finds texting is the most popular way families stay in communication with each other, with families exchanging about 28 texts a day. The most common thing texts are used for is making dinner plans (53%), followed by: 

  • Coordinating errands (43%)
  • Coordinating pick up and drop off for school and extracurricular activities (46%)
  • Checking in on everyone (43%)

But while staying in contact with each other is the positive aspect of a child having a phone, parents are still worried about other things, like social media for instance. In fact, 56% of parents require their kids to allow them to monitor their social media accounts, while 30% are worried their children will post or send content that will affect their reputation in a bad way. Parents are also worried about how much time their kids are on their device, with 47% concerned they spend too much time in front of a screen. 

Source: SWNS Digital

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