Failed Carjacking Thanks To Electric Vehicle

Two carjackers couldn’t figure out how to make this electric vehicle go, so they wound up running off without the prize.

By on June 7, 2018
(Photo by Illustration Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

This is like those “millennial anti-theft device” stories you hear about how younger carjackers can’t drive manual transmission cars. Two would-be carjackers had their attempt quickly stopped when the electric car they were trying to steal wouldn’t go.

“Dan Dan the Driving Man” was sitting in his electric car at a charging station when a woman walked up to his window. She allegedly had two guns, and pointed them, one in each hand, at him. Then, another person came up from the other side with just one gun. They demanded his money and phone, and the car as well. He quickly handed over some cash and his phone, fearing for his life. The two jumped in the car and tried to drive off. But the car wouldn’t move. Electric cars, while plugged in and charging, won’t let you drive them. They remain stationary and let you know that the car will not move until you unplug it.

Once they got the car unplugged, the car still wouldn’t move. That’s because while Dan stepped out of the car, he had his key fob in his pocket. The car knew the fob wasn’t near, and wouldn’t let them leave. THEN, they tried to make him drive. But the car STILL wouldn’t move, because it didn’t have enough of a charge to get going. I feel like this could be a Three Stooges routine. Anyway, the would-be jackers ran off on foot after getting frustrated. We’re glad nobody was hurt in the attempted “free EV,” but we can’t help but laugh. For more on the story, including a pretty humorous commentary by the car’s owner, check it out here.

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