The ‘Facekini’ Trend Is Here For The Summer [PIC]

The facekini is a thing designed to protect your face from sunburn, and it’s a growing trend that will be seen on beaches everywhere in no time.

By on June 25, 2018
(Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

It’s summer, it’s hot, and the sun is out. Beach time is now, and with beach attire comes sunburn. It always seems that no matter how much sunscreen we use, we always end up getting a burn on our face somehow anyway. Enter Facekini.

The Facekini isn’t really like a bikini for your face. It’s actually more of a whole-face cover. You wear it like a ski mask, and its purpose is to keep the sun from burning your face and scalp. This would certainly help with the back-of-neck burns as well as behind-the-ears. The facekini solves all those problems. No more flaking scalp, no more neck burns, just a happy, non-burned face that had all the fun of the beach.

Problem is, well, it’s a little strange looking. Like mentioned above, you wear it like a ski mask. It totally covers your head and neck, leaving a couple small openings. You can sort of see through the eye holes, and your lips and mouth are open for eating/drinking/talking. It’s made from a spandex material, and you can get them in colors and patterns. Facekinis are popular in China and other Asian countries, and they’re slowly making their way to the US. Some cultures require people to be fully covered. Other cultures may consider people with tanned skin to be from a lower-class of society.

Your body is still uncovered, so that can still get burned, obviously. But protecting your face, people say, will help keep your skin looking younger. But could you really enjoy a day at the beach while wearing one of these? I can’t imagine how hot it must get. See some more info here. Have you seen anyone wearing a facekini yet this summer?

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