Facebook Adding New Feature – From Myspace? [VIDEO]

By DAVID on October 25, 2018

myspace (stylized spelling) was the big platform before Facebook ever came around. Way back in the day, it was the thing to have. You know what it is, and yours is probably still active (they never really seemed to go away). Anyway, myspace has a big feature that people loved, that Facebook never implemented. Until now. Well, until, like, within the next few weeks, I guess.

Music on your page. Facebook is working on a feature that will let you add your favorite song to your profile page. It’s been a long time coming (myspace launched a little over 15 years ago). Do you remember what song you picked for your profile? Is it still your favorite? Facebook’s version will be modified and streamlined a bit though. They’re going to add a “music” section that you can then add songs too. They’re just clips of songs though, not the full song. Then you can “pin” your favorite to the top of your profile.

Here’s a preview video:

The feature doesn’t have a specific timeline besides “launch in select countries later this year.” We’re so close to the end of the year already though (yeah, really), so we imagine it will happen sooner rather than later. It’s said that the songs will have accompanying videos that show information about the artist and the album art. There’s a theory that Facebook might make some kind of deal with a music streaming service too, which would open the door to full songs. Are you thinking about what song’s you’d like to add to your profile already?

Facebook is all about music right now too, after introducing a lip-sync feature too. This will allow you to live-stream a video of yourself lip-syncing a song. The app will show you lyrics for some songs too, and they’re adding more songs. There’s also a music feature for stories they added, if you’re into those. There’s a lot more information on the new features over here.

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