Everyday Things People Admit To Not Knowing Until Late In Life

It’s always entertaining to hear about things people didn’t learn until much later in life, but a lot of these examples are pure facepalm worthy.

By on May 22, 2018
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Some of these things are hilarious. So basically, they’re things that are pretty commonly known that they either didn’t know, or just didn’t figure out until late in life. Very late in life. Like, thinking Mount Rushmore was naturally-occurring until your mid-20s kind of ridiculous.

Someone posed the question on Reddit – the question of “what did you learn at an embarrassingly late age?” These are their stories, all hilarious, and many that make us slap our hand to our face a little too hard.

1) One user admitted that she didn’t know that ponies were not baby horses. Ponies are actually a small breed of horse, obviously, and baby horses are called “foals.”

2) Another user says that his or her sister wasn’t aware that Mount Rushmore was man-made. Yes, she actually thought the formation occurred naturally, and that we picked our Presidents based on how closely they resembled the faces in the mountain. That’s a face-palm one.

3) “I didn’t know narwhals were real until sophomore year of college.” Well, to be totally honest, if you’ve never truly seen one in photo or in person… It’s like a unicorn-dolphin thing. Weird.

4) Someone says they just assumed that Olivia Newton-John, the Fig Newton cookies, and Newton’s Laws (physics) were all related and some sort of big family legacy.

5) Another person admitted to thinking that cheese was a plant and grew on bushes until they were in their teen years.

6) An embarrassed user admitted that they were unaware of how speed bumps actually work. They thought that the bumps automatically slowed your car down, not that you had to slow down for them. And they were driving for about 5 years before figuring that out.

There are a few more of these admissions, found here. What’s something you didn’t learn until an “embarrassingly” later in life?

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