Elton John May Be Returning For Live-Action ‘Lion King’

It’s impossible to imagine ‘The Lion King’ without Elton’s contributions.

By Doug Lazy on November 9, 2017
(Photo by Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images)

As with any huge Disney release, details on the live-action The Lion King remake are securely wrapped in secrecy.

Many are speculating that Elton John will be involved in the re-make following his surprise appearance on stage at the 20th anniversary Broadway production of the The Lion King. He performed his iconic “Circle of Life” live.

He told Entertainment Tonight:

“It was very exciting, I was a surprise. I wasn’t able to be here for the 15th anniversary and it’s been such an important part of my life, it’s opened so many doors for me, and it was just great to see everybody. It was a great get together and very meaningful.”

When asked about his potential involvement in the live-action re-make, John wasn’t able to say much, but the little he said was enough to garner excitement: “Yes, I think so. I hope so.”

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