Elon Musk Hints About "Dog Mode" Feature In New Teslas

By Marilyn Nelson on October 23, 2018

Dog owners rejoice. Prompted by an idea posed to him on Twitter, Elon Musk agrees that “dog mode” would be an excellent feature for his Tesla Model 3.

The idea behind “dog mode” is it would keep your pup from overheating by activating the air conditioner, music and a sign letting passersby know the pet is safe inside.

Tesla cars already had a Cabin Overheat Protection feature to keep a child or pet safe in a locked car, but that feature could be expanded with the a screen displaying a message in case someone is worried about the dog inside.

Such a feature would be impractical for gas-powered cars, since you can’t keep the car’s A/C on to cool your dog. However, an electric vehicle can do it for hours.

As Mashable points out, this is just a tweet and not a formal announcement.


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