Elk Grove Synchronizes Green Lights To Improve Commute Times

A driver at a red light should encounter nothing but green lights from the point forward.

By Admin on February 3, 2020
traffic light
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The city of Elk Grove is making a change to some key intersections around town. The goal, to improve commute times.

If you’ve ever experienced a corridor where the green lights are synchronized, you know that everything else just feels ridiculous. 

Imagine a scenario where you’re sitting at a red light. You’re patiently waiting for your turn to move through the intersection. The light turns green and you glide through the intersection. Then letting your gaze move to the next intersection. Watching that green light click to yellow, and then to red. 

That same situation plays out time and time again on our commutes, slowing us down.

Now imagine sitting at that same intersection, let’s say somewhere on Laguna Boulevard in Elk Grove. The light you’re sitting at is red, so are the next two or three. The cross-traffic comes to a stop, and the light turns green. You accelerate to exactly the speed limit, and something amazing happens. 

As you approach the next light, it turns green right as you approach the intersection. That happens for several intersections speeding up your commute!

This KCRA article explains, “The traffic light coordination means a driver at a red light should encounter nothing but green lights from the point forward, as long as they are driving the speed limit.

“These are our our highest volume roads and the ones we receive the most complaints about traffic congestion. And these are our two major roads that connect both freeways that run north-south through the city,” said Jeff Werner, with the City of Elk Grove.

In the first phase, drivers along Elk Grove Boulevard between Bruceville and and Elk Grove-Florin roads should notice an estimated time savings of one to three minutes during peak commute hours, according to traffic engineers.

Drivers on Laguna Boulevard will notice the changes from Bruceville Road to Highway 99 and then continuing on Bond Road to Elk Grove-Florin Road.”

If you’re commuting in Elk Grove, let me know how the green wave works for you! I’m on Twitter at @KoryOnTheRadio.

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