The Elf Does Not Have A Crush On Michelle

It turns out I was all wrong about our kids elf on the shelf having a crush on me! Let me explain what happened for a minute.

By Felicia Czochanski on December 11, 2017

It turns out I was all wrong about our kids elf on the shelf having a crush on me! Now, I thought this because our kids’ elf Ank kept bringing the kids ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS. And, all of the things I’d been craving and looking for any excuse to have!! Like, white powdered donuts. Junior mints with crushed up candy canes in them. And, Chocolate chip cookies… which I’d been looking for any and every excuse in the book to have!!

Well, over the weekend, the kids and I decided to make chocolate chip cookies for breakfast. I was totally trying to earn cool mom points and finally, getting some chocolate chip cookies!! So… we turned on the oven, put on our aprons, added butter and water to mix our elf brought us, put them on the cookie sheet, popped them in the oven and waited. After about 5 minutes, the kids wanted me to turn on the oven light so they could see the magic happen… when my son says to me, “Oh no, they’re running into each other!” Which, at first, I was like no big deal, that happens. And then I bent down to see and that’s when I realized… we used too much butter!! Someone… didn’t read the instructions very well. They clearly skimmed and doubled the amount of butter needed, which made for the flattest chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever see in my life. It was like one big, flat cookie that tasted like butter and chocolate chips. I mean, we still ate them, we’re not animals. We’

But, right then in there in the kitchen I decided if the kids’ elf liked me at all he would have given us already baked cookies, not ones we had to make. Sheesh, man! I cannot bake! lol

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