Elderly Man Helps Blind Wife Apply Makeup And Creates Video Tutorial [WATCH]

An elderly man’s story went viral, where he helped his blind wife apply her makeup for her and created a video tutorial.

By NathanG on August 27, 2018
(Photo by Miles Willis/Getty Images)

An elderly man’s story went viral, when it was reported that he had begun applying his wife’s makeup for her after, she started losing her sight. Since then, he has filmed a tutorial video that shows his special routine as he helps his wife.

According to Metro, Des Monahan learned his makeup techniques from a local store after his wife, Mona, began having trouble applying her makeup on her own. The 84 and 83 year old couple from Ireland then took part in a tutorial video, that showed Des helping his wife and commentating his techniques. The video was filmed in the style of most popular beauty tutorials on YouTube, and was helped produced by with the help of EX1 Cosmetics.

In the video, Des is shown carefully applying Mona’s makeup, all while giving sweet remarks to his wife. He remarks that his wife of 57 years looks ‘flawless’, and doesn’t require much concealer as she is already ‘perfect’. Des also explains his methods and techniques in the video, applying the skills that he has learned to perfectly compliment his wife’s beautiful features. At the end of the video, Mona’s makeup left her looking stunning, and Des revealed they would be going on a date that evening.

To learn and read more about Des and Mona’s story, click here.

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