Ed Sheeran Plans To Take The Next Year Off To Start A Family

Ed Sheeran is taking some time off to focus on starting a family and to work on other career goals like making musicals and movies!

By Admin on August 29, 2018
ed sheeran
(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images)

Once his current tour ends next year, Ed Sheeran plans to take a year-long break. He definitely deserves it after being on the road for three years!

While he’s likely still going to be writing songs in that time, he wants to focus on other passions, too. Namely, Sheeran is interested in making movies and musicals.

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“I like musicals that are a little bit different,” he told the BBC, according to Music-News. “I love ‘Lion King’… ‘Once’ is a really good musical… I’d like to do something like that. I’d like to make one movie, just one, and then continue making albums and continue touring.”

Another huge item off his bucket list is to start having kids with fiancée Cherry Seaborn. “I’ll hopefully have a family [during my time off].”

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