Ed Sheeran Auctioning Off His… Underwear?

By DAVID on October 26, 2018
(Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images)

If you’ve ever wanted to own Ed Sheeran’s underwear (or something else he’s auctioning off), now’s your chance. Ed is auctioning off some of his belongings for charity, and some of the items are pretty surprising.

Ed Sheeran has partnered with an auction company, and he’s selling off some personal items from his collection of *things*. He’s got some music, like vintage Beatles EPs, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, etc. Truth be told, most of it is music, and all seem to be classic records. Obviously he loves having all sorts of music around – he’s a singer and draws a lot of inspiration from many different artists and bands. There are also old record players, figurines of singers, and old music posters.

But the collection takes an interesting turn. He’s auctioning off some of his musical instruments. Likely nothing played on an album (though it’s possible). There are banjos, mandolins, and some drums too, among others. Then it gets really interesting. Sunglasses that Ed Sheeran actually wore. A hat, and there’s some t-shirts. There’s a wallet with “New York Football Club” stamped on it. There’s a Lego Minifig keychain as well, Ed’s a real Lego freak (me too, honestly, so I’ll be watching that). There’s a framed insect collection too, which is cool if you’re into that. The weirdest, and creepiest thing though, are his bright-orange boxer-briefs. There’s more than just one pair of underwear too, if you want some other colors.

Check out the rest of the collection here, there’s hundreds if not thousands of items.

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