Don’t Call Paris Jackson A Doo-Doo Head

A paparazzi photographer got under Paris Jackson’s skin big time when he called her a “Doo-Doo Head,” which was reserved for Michael only.

By DAVID on May 7, 2018
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

You can call her by her name, but when it comes to nicknames, you don’t get to. I’m talking about Paris Jackson, and that nickname was given to her by her dad, Michael. The name is “Doo-Doo Head.” Yes, Michael Jackson called his daughter “Doo-Doo Head.” It’s a thing they shared.

Paris was leaving an event in New York City last week when paparazzi caught her outside. One of the photographers called her “Doo-Doo Head,” which sounds like a 3-year-old’s best insult. That name was an obscure reference to something we honestly never heard of. That was Michael’s nickname for Paris years ago when she was growing up, and naturally it struck a nerve. After a quick pause, Paris said (in slightly stronger wording) to the paparazzi that he doesn’t “have the right” to call her that. We totally agree!

After Paris shut down “Doo-Doo Head” comment, he then jumped in with “Apple Head,” which was another name Michael called people who were “close to him,” apparently. Look, that’s a private thing shared between a family, that should never bee used to get her attention. Photographer, that was a low-blow for sure, and I sincerely hope you didn’t get a clear photo of her. Check out the video (listen low, they didn’t bleep the “F-word”):

Do you have any private family nicknames you use within your home that someone else now uses? Should Paris have been more ok with the paparazzi photographer using that name, or was he totally out of line for that? We know Michael as the “King of Pop,” but to Paris, he was her father, and that was a private name he used for her (and some nieces and nephews too). See the full story here.

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