Domino’s Cancels Deal Promising Pizza For Life In Exchange For Tattoos

100 free pizzas a year for life? Heck yeah! Sign me up

By Marilyn Nelson on September 7, 2018
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Domino’s Pizza Russia came up with a brilliant idea, Maybe a little too brilliant.

On August 31st, the pizza chain announced it would offer 100 pizzas a year to anyone who gets a tattoo of the Domino’s logo on their body for 100 years. Basically a lifetime.

100 free pizzas a year for life? Heck yeah! Sign me up.

The promotion was supposed to run for two months, until the end of October. But, as it turns out an astonishing amount of people were willing to take them up on the offer. So, they pulled the promotion after only 4 days – sending out an urgent message urging fans to stop tattooing themselves for the deal.

According to Design Taxi, the message translates along the lines of, “Friends, we already have 350 participants…An urgent message to all those sitting at the tattoo [parlor] right now: We’ll include you in the lest of participants, but we’re waiting for photos up to midday today [4 September]”



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