Dog Sanctuary Coming to Sacramento | Amanda & Darik

By Admin on August 9, 2019

Now you take your beloved dog with you shopping in downtown Sacramento! 

A dog sanctuary is coming to DOCO (Downtown Commons). It’s called DogSpot. It’s is a small “sidewalk sanctuary” for dogs while their owners shop at places where pets aren’t allowed. 

Shelters are equipped with both heating and cooling, use UV lights to kill bacteria and viruses and are designed to fit most dog breeds comfortably.

Each sanctuary is connected to the internet, and dog owners can locate, reserve and monitor them via the DogSpot phone app.

DogSpot Co-Founder Chelsea Brownridge came up with the idea while living in Brooklyn.  She said it was difficult taking her Terrier mix, Winston. around the city because so many places didn’t allow dogs inside.

“I wouldn’t tie him up because, like many, I worried he’d get loose, get scared, or be stolen,” Brownridge said. “Sometimes, Winston needed to stay home more often than either of us wanted just because I’d go into a store for a few minutes where he wasn’t allowed.”

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