Dog Gets Stuck In Toy, Has To Be ‘Surgically Removed’

This poor dog got her jaw stuck in a chew toy after only 30 minutes of play on a part of the toy that “is not intended for chewing.”

By DAVID on June 25, 2018
(Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

By “surgically removed,” we mean the toy was the thing that had to have surgery. This poor dog was chewing on a new toy when she suddenly got her jaw stuck.

A cockapoo named Moet got her jaw stuck inside a new toy just after it was given to her. The toy was a big ball, made for dogs to play with and chew on. Though it’s “not for heavy chewers,” Moet’s owner, Samantha, gave it to her anyway thinking it would be fine. After about 30 minutes of playing, Samantha heard “the most deafening scream” come from Moet. She ran to check, and that’s when she discovered Moet’s lower jaw had become stuck in a hole in the ball. Samantha tried to remove the ball, but realized that it was stuck Moet’s jaw really well. That’s when she left for the vet.

Samantha ended up having to go to an emergency vet’s office sine it was late at night. She says that the vet had to actually sedate Moet, and take her into surgery to get the ball removed. When Moet went back for surgery, Samantha went home to clean up the mess. “I went home and waited while she was in surgery, and while I was home I had to mop her blood off from the floor… Luckily I got a phone call just an hour and a half later to tell me that she was ok and I could come and pick her up… When I got there they told me that her tongue and teeth had got stuck inside the toy and that they had to sedate her to cut through the toy – it was a horrific experience,” Samantha says.

The manufacturer of the toy says that not only is the toy not meant for “heavy chewers,” but that the “drain” on the toy isn’t meant to be chewed on at all. As if we’re able to tell our dogs “ok, here’s a chew toy, but don’t chew on it too much, and also avoid this area completely. Good boy.” The company does say they’re working with dog owners, as well as Samantha and Moet, on how to improve the toy now. See some more info here.

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